Craft is on the site of the former American Federation of Musicians’ Union Local 493 and once was used as a trolley station. Today, it offers easy access to Capitol Hill, the Central District, First Hill and Downtown Seattle. Situated in the back yard of Seattle University, Craft offers access to a plethora of dining and nightlife. The pedestrian-oriented experience was designed to encourage social interaction and an engaged community.

  • A. Peloton Cafe
  • B. Starbucks Coffee
  • C. Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • D. Cherry Street Coffee House
  • E. QFC
  • F. Stockbox First Hill Grocery
  • G. L'Oursin
  • H. Oma Bap
  • I. Peloton Cafe
  • J. Nates Wings & Waffles
  • K. Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant
  • L. Seven Beef Steak Shop
  • M. The Lemongrass Restaurant
  • N. Canon
  • O. Rhein Haus
  • P. Café Presse
  • Q. Taste of the Caribbean
  • R. Ba Bar

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